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7/7: One Day in London 2012

Minnow Films for BBC Two  

1 x 90 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

The day after London won the Olympic bid, terrorists attacked the public transport network killing 52 people and injuring over 700. Seven years later, as the eyes of the world were once again focused on the capital, 7/7: One Day in London gathers the testimony of over fifty people directly affected by the bombings, exploring the long lasting effects as they reflect on their experiences and how their lives have changed.

After the conclusion of the public inquest in 2011, a multitude of previously untold stories emerged of the bravery, difficulties and horror that people experienced on that day in 2005; many of these have been included in this film as well as testimony from people who have never spoken publically before.

This is an ambitious retelling of the story of what happened on that day, with contributions from commuters, emergency service workers, TFL staff and families of victims. With enormous compassion for one another, ordinary people tell extraordinary stories of the day when they were thrown together, and their struggle to cope in the wake of the blasts that shook London.

Ben Anthony’s feature length documentary is a masterpiece of overwhelming power that serves as an unforgettable tribute to all those whose lives were devastated by the London bombings of July 2005
The Times

A heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring documentary
The Daily Telegraph

This illuminating often devastating documentary picks up the pieces, sensitively and movingly assembling a multitude of stories about that awful day and the painful years beyond
Time out

7/7: One Day in London


BAFTA Best Single Documentary   BAFTA
Television single Documentary
Broadcast Awards - Best Documentary Program   Broadcast Awards
Best Documentary Programme
RTS Winner Best Documentary  

Best Single Documentary

Grierson: Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme – Domestic  

Best Documentary on a Contemporary Theme – Domestic

Nominated for

BAFTA Television Craft Award: Director - Factual Ben Anthony   BAFTA
Television Craft Award
Director - Factual
Ben Anthony
BAFTA Television Craft Award:Editing Factual   BAFTA
Television Craft Award
Editing Factual
The Televisual Bulldog Award: Best Documentary  

The Televisual Bulldog Award
Best Documentary

Prix Europa: Best European TV Documentary  

Prix Europa
Best European TV Documentary


Filmed and Directed by
Ben Anthony
Sarah Hamilton
Rupert Houseman
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Associate Producer
Louise Palmer
Production Manager
Hannah Wythe
Brendan Easton
Richard Spiller