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American Justice 2017

Minnow Films for BBC Two  

3 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

Series Description:
As America elects its next president and Black Lives Matter protests erupt across the country, this captivating documentary series rides alongside cops and ventures inside courts and jails in one of the nation's toughest states: Florida.

American Justice follows the story of State Attorney for Jacksonville Angela Corey as she runs for re-election in Florida's "Murder Capital". Angela's tough approach to crime divides opinion in America and as her campaign gets underway, tensions between the black community and law enforcers are running high. Then a gruesome double-murder in a trailer park leads to a cross state manhunt and a boy is sentenced in adult court for a murder he committed when he was just twelve years old. But it’s when an unarmed black male is shot dead by police that things really come to a head.

Subtle, even-handed and thought provoking
The Times

A rare insight
Daily Mirror

American Justice

Nominated for

Craft and Design Awards, Director Factual – Arthur Cary
& Jonathan Taylor
Craft and Design Awards, Photography Factual – Arthur Cary & Jonathan Taylor
 Grierson   The Grierson Awards
Best Documentary Series

Filmed and Directed by
Arthur Cary
Jonathan Taylor
Tom Dixon-Spain
Tom Herington
Executive Producers
Katie Buchanan
Colin Barr
Anna Ryder
Gaby Aung
Production Managers
Nancy Nigro
Robert Ford
Junior Production Manager
Becky Barugh
Jon Opstad