Minnow Films

The Homemade Roller Coaster 2014

1 x 3 minutes
Minnow Films for BACARDÍ

"The Blue Flash" is an unlikely mecca for roller coaster aficionados. Tourists from as far as Japan, Australia and Europe make their way to Vincennes, Indiana, USA, to ride The Blue Flash - but not for its multiple inversions or record-breaking G-force. This roller coaster has just a single inversion and the ride lasts no more than 15 seconds. What makes this ride unique is that it's entirely homemade.

Designed and developed by John Ivers, a dreamer with no engineering expertise, who spent two years working away in his back yard, with a lot of trial and error along the way. The ride lacks a proper station and has to be pushed by hand to the hill. The hill itself goes up the side of a barn and the train is little more than a modified office chair with a seatbelt.

The Homemade Roller Coaster

John Dower
Kate Griffiths
Executive Producer
Colin Barr
Paul Carlin
Production Manager
Katie Mackay
Production Coordinator
Sophie Ward
Director of Photography
Jonas Mortensen
Jackson Scott