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Kids and Guns 2014

Minnow Films for Channel 4  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

The controversial right to bear arms is at the heart of American culture. It is so deeply ingrained that parents often pass down their love of guns to their children, and gun companies now market real rifles to kids as young as four - with blue ones for boys and pink for girls.

This documentary sheds light on the world of young shooters, illuminating the beliefs, ambitions, and paranoia that motivate adults to put guns in the hands of children.

Teaching kids to shoot is seen as a fun family experience and yet over 3000 children are injured or killed every year in accidental shootings.

This documentary follows the stories of three American families tackling the difficult issues behind the American relationship with firearms and the compelling stories behind the horrifying statistics.

Francine Shaw’s excellent documentary is a measured and objective one
The Guardian

An impressively even-handed look at America’s young guns
The Independent

Kids and Guns
Produced and Directed by
Francine Shaw
Steve Barclay
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews
Ruth Kelly

Associate Producers
Francis Longhurst
Nicola Comber
Merle Currie
Hayley Reynolds

Casting Producer
Anna Dickeson
Production Manager
Katie Mackay
Production Coordinators
Sophie Ward
Hannah Johnstone

Filmed by
Sean Lewis
Steve Prior

Wayne Roberts