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Lagos to London:
Britain’s New Super-Rich

Minnow Films for Channel 4   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

In London’s poshest neighbourhoods there’s a new wave of super-rich moving in – the Nigerians are coming and they’re spending big on luxury, education and property. Fueled by a boom in oil, gas, banking and telecoms, Nigeria has taken over as Africa’s largest economy.

Filmed over six months this fun and fascinating film gives an insight into this elite group through the lives of a handful of young affluent Nigerians living what’s dubbed “the shuttle life” between Lagos and London.

The Otedola sisters Cuppy and Temi are the bright and feisty daughters of wealthy oil magnate Femi Otedola, one of Nigeria’s richest men with a Forbes list estimated net worth of over $1.2 billion. In spite of being from a billionaire family, Cuppy and Temi are determined to make their own success – Cuppy as an international DJ and Temi as a fashion blogger.

Larger than life identical twins, Ozee and Ocee Mbadiwe are from a prominent Lagos family. Their time in London is divided between pumping iron in the gym and hosting exclusive club nights that bring a little bit of Nigeria to Knightsbridge. At home in Lagos it’s easy to see where their fun loving personalities come from as they show us around the family’s jaw-dropping collection of vintage cars. Having been educated at a top UK private school and secured law degrees from universities in England, the twins feel both British and Nigerian, and hope to build a legal empire with a foothold in both countries.

For some British-Nigerians, London’s latest wave of super-rich heralds a new dawn in African prosperity and new business opportunities - none more so than for Alexander Amosu. Born to Nigerian parents and brought up on a council estate in north London, Alexander started out selling ring tones to friends as a youth. Today he’s a multi-millionaire, specialising in designing bespoke luxury items for a large Nigerian client base.

The film shows London through the eyes of this new generation of wealthy Nigerians as a place to gain the best education, to thrive, to shop, and to party. Following them back to Lagos we also see what it’s like to be rich in a city where, despite economic successes, over 60% of people still live on less than £2.50 a day.

Lagos to London: Britain’s New Super-Rich

Filmed and Directed by
James Dawson
Executive Producers
Ruth Kelly
Morgan Matthews
Alana McVerry
Emma Lysaght
Associate Producer
Adeyemi Michael
Production Manager
Nancy Nigro
Mat Davidson
Michael Obiora
Lovelove Films