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OCD Ward 2013

Minnow Films for ITV  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for ITV

Many of us joke that we have “a little bit of OCD” but in the worst cases, it destroys lives. This observational documentary filmed over 6 months follows four of Britain’s most severe sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Springfield Hospital in South London has Britain’s only 24/7 ward dedicated to treating OCD. With unprecedented access, we join newest patients Enis and Edward in their fight to beat their obsessions, guided by a team of straight-talking therapists.

And at home, we meet Tricia and Hayley who are trying to cope with their OCD alone with their families.

They are all seemingly ordinary men and women but are terrified of doing the most basic tasks – doing the laundry, shutting a door or sitting on a chair. Some are tortured by the thought they’ll become “contaminated” by bodily fluids, others are haunted by doubts that they’ve done a task properly and will cause harm to their loved ones. All admit their fears are ridiculous but the OCD is wrecking their lives; relationships with their families are at breaking point; and when excessive hand-washing leads to chemical burns and abscesses, it becomes an illness that can kill.

This startling and moving film follows life at the only 24/7 supervised unit devoted to the treatment of severe OCD
Mail on Sunday

It’s occasionally heartbreaking, admirably unsentimental and well intended throughout
Time Out

OCD Ward

Nominated for

OCD Ward nominated for the Mind Media Awards 2014   Mind Media
Awards 2014

Filmed, Produced & Directed by
Jo Hughes
Film Editor
Joe Carey
Executive Producers
Colin Barr
Morgan Matthews
Associate Producer
Hayley Reynolds
Head of Production
Clare Voyce
Production Manager
Hannah Wythe
Development Producer
Carys Morgan
Production Coordinator
Eva Culhane
Richard Spiller