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The 15-Stone Babies 2012

Minnow Films for Channel 4  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

The 15-Stone Babies explores why some fully-grown adults choose to embrace an alter ego that allows them to have their nappies changed, dress in a onesie, and generally be cared for like a baby.

With access to adult babies and the 'nurseries' they attend in the UK and USA, this film explores the motivations behind the adult babies' actions, as well as meeting the 'mummies and daddies' who tend to their needs.

Acutely aware that many will label them as perverse, sexual fetishists, or presume there is something sinister going on, many adult babies are keen to distinguish their behaviour as role playing.

Some simply yearn to be absolved of any of the responsibilities of modern life, and the swapping of taxes for toys, and commuting for cuddles, simply helps them relax.

For many, this regression to babyhood, with all of the trappings of nappy changing and bottle feeding, is not about sexual kicks but about relinquishing control and escaping the pressures of being a grown-up.

It's measured, sober, thoughtful, sensitive… There is a sadness as well as a seriousness to the film. It’s not about despairing of humanity; more about discovering and attempting to understand- a little- known corner of it
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

The 15-Stone Babies
Produced, Filmed and Directed by
Liz Allen
Executive Producers
Amelia Hann
Morgan Matthews
Andrew Willsmore
Liz Roe
Production Manager
Sam Payne
Annabelle Draper
Sam Hooper