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The Break Up 2017

Minnow Films for Channel 4  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

How do you forgive a man who cheated on you repeatedly? How do you communicate with a woman who is stopping you from seeing your kids? What is it like to be the new wife in the middle, watching your husband battle with his ex? And what does the mother-in-law think?

Following one intensely divided family over the course of a make-or-break 18 months, this compelling and intimate film tells the story of one relationship break up and the huge ramifications it has – from each of the participants’ perspectives.

Ex-married couple Steve and Terri-Anne haven’t been speaking. They’re struggling to agree about letting Steve see their two young kids. Now they’ve decided to make a final attempt to resolve their issues, with the help of a family mediator – the impartial Victoria Hewitt. But when Steve brings his new wife Clare into the mediation room, and Terri-Anne brings in her mum, we discover what really happened to cause such a difficult break up.

This raw and explosive documentary tells the story of why some relationships fail, with heart-breaking honesty; and shows how this ex-couple fight to resolve their differences for the sake of their kids.

The Break Up
Filmed, Produced and Directed by
Charlie Russell
Will Grayburn
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Associate Producer
Georgina Cammalleri
Production Managers
Nancy Nigro
Sophie Ward
Lighting Cameraman
Brendan Easton
Tim Goalen