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The Watchman

Minnow Films for Channel 4   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

The Watchman is a thriller set in one location, on one night and seen through the eyes of one man.

Carl is in his 40s and works alone in a characterless CCTV control room. We meet him on what seems like an ordinary nightshift  - until his frustrations with the local police force his hand. With the help of his taxi driver friend Lee, Carl decides to use the all-seeing eye of CCTV to disrupt the activities of a gang of local drug dealers. But the plan backfires, setting in motion a chain of events that puts both their lives in danger.

As the night unfolds we learn how Carl has gradually become enticed by the peculiar world he inhabits and, through his interactions with his family, it begins to emerge that he has lost himself somewhere between the real world and the world of CCTV.

Carl’s story reminds us that when the watchmen lose sight of “the rules”, the consequences can be terrifying.

“A heart-poundingly tense one-off  ★★★★★”
The Times

“Claustrophobic, intense and deeply absorbing drama”
Radio Times

“You’ll be glued to the screens just as much as the Watchman is”
Evening Standard

“As a straightforward thriller, this works up terrific tension with a crisp documentary sense of what’s vital, combined with a dramatist’s sense of how much to hold back, how much to reveal gradually”
The Financial Times

The Watchman

Nominated for

Broadcast Awards Nomination - Best Single Drama  


Best Single Drama


Written and Directed by
Dave Nath
Executive Producer
Colin Barr
Kate Cook
Line Producer
Cheyenne Conway
Director of Photography
Michael Timney
Rupert Houseman
Jon Opstad
Production Designer
Erik Rehl
Costume Designer
Heidi Miller