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War in the Blood 2019

Minnow Films for BBC Two  

1 x 90 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

An intimate feature length documentary following two patients through ground breaking ‘first in-human’ trials for CAR T-cell therapy, a treatment described as the beginning of the end of cancer.

Not allowed to meet and separated by two floors of a hospital, 53 year old Graham and 18 year old Mahmoud are nevertheless bound together by their commitment to the treatment and their faith in the science. Terminally ill, the trial represents their only option. How do their ages and life experiences affect their physical and emotional response?

For Martin Pule, the scientist who has developed the treatment, the responsibility of curing patients is both exciting and daunting. He knows he stands on the cusp of a breakthrough that could radically change the way we treat cancer.

At the heart of this film is the complex relationship between the patients and the clinical team. How much hope can the patients be given when they are effectively going into these trials as human guinea pigs? The patients and clinical team must weigh up hope with realism and their response is a profound and revealing reflection of the human condition.

War in the Blood

Filmed, Produced and Directed by
Arthur Cary
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Film Editor
Ben Brown
Associate Producer
Saskia Rusher
Andrew Phillips