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Britain’s Holocaust Survivors 2013

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1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for More 4

They experienced perhaps the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Yet what do we know about the Holocaust survivors who made Britain their home?

Made by the multi-award-winning director Daisy Asquith, Britain's Holocaust Survivors takes a unique approach to recording the experiences of the last generation to have living memories of the Holocaust.

Made in Daisy's inimitable warm documentary style, the film takes viewers into the homes of a small group of extraordinary survivors, telling their stories with sensitivity, humour and compassion.

A compelling cast of characters are revealed as they gradually reveal the horror of their past and how those experiences have shaped their lives.

This film is an important historical and visual document, a testimony to the strength, determination and character of Holocaust survivors, a contemporary benchmark and possibly the final chance to hear from those survivors living in Britain.

Daisy Asquith’s moving, restrained documentary marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day focuses as much on the ways in which this trio has moved on, and how they’ve tried to glean something positive from their experiences, primarily through giving talks to schools to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten
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Britain’s Holocaust Survivors

Filmed, Produced & Directed by
Daisy Asquith
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
David G.Hill
Development Producers
Carys Morgan
Rachel Noar
Production Manager
Sam Payne
Sam Hooper