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British Voices 2008
Minnow Films for Channel 4   4 x 8 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

Young People and Alcohol
A short film about three young people who are struggling with drinking in different ways. Scott from Bath was hospitalised with liver damage at the age of 19, Katie from Pembrokeshire is worried that her weekly binge drinking has got out of control. And in a specialist liver ward in Derby hospital, where the number of young women with alcoholic liver damage has doubled in the past ten years, we hear from 23 year-old Stacey who has been hospitalised many times due to her drinking.

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The Working Poor in Britain
New Labour promised to help the poorest families out of poverty, but in this 8 minute documentary, we hear from three families who despite working hard, are still struggling to get by. Care worker Carole from Essex is so worried about rising food prices, she’s started to stockpile food in freezers around the house. Brian and his family from Wigan were helped by working tax credits, but now find themselves back on the breadline since his triplet sons turned 16. And rising energy prices and council tax could be forcing Donna and her young family to move into shared accommodation in Clacton on Sea.

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Young People and Drugs
As the government publish their new 10-year drug strategy, we hear from three teenagers from around the country about their relationship with drugs. Sam’s dependency on smoking skunk led him to drop out of college, but he is trying to turn his life around. Micha thinks that ‘sensible’ drug-taking causes far less damage to society than alcohol. Laura from South Wales was hospitalised after taking large quantities of amphetamines and realises it’s time to stop.

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Young People and Mental Health
Over 1 million children in the UK suffer from a mental health problem. The number receiving treatment is steadily increasing and experts believe that children are suffering from depression at an ever younger age. Broadcast to coincide with the report on the CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) review, we hear from three young people who are struggling with Mental health issues. Ryan is 16 and hears voices. In the past two years he has been admitted to A&E around 50 times having overdosed or self harmed. Rachel is also 16 and after a breakdown at secondary school now takes antidepressants and sees a psychiatrist and self-harm nurse. At 10, Blaine has been showing early signs of depression. Blaine’s mum is unable to look after him because of her drink problem and so Blaine now lives with his Nan. We follow them to their weekly family therapy session.


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Nominated for

Young Journalist of the Year at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2007/2008   RTS
Television Journalism Awards Young Journalist of the Year

Kate Taunton
Bruce Law, Nick Packer
and Lee Roberts
Associate Producers
Nikki Comber and Kate Griffiths
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews and Elodie Gornall