Minnow Films
British Voices:
Anti-Social Behavior 2010
Minnow Films for Channel 4   1 x 10 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

Since Labour introduced ASBOs in 1998, over 15,000 have been issued- but there are alternative schemes.

This short film, specially commissioned for Channel 4 News to coincide with the 2010 General Election, considers other ways of tackling the root cause of antisocial behavior.

Single mother of nine, Laura, had trouble disciplining her children and has been assigned a Family Intervention Project (FIP) key worker to help reduce the family's anti-social behavior.

The Tucker family's FIP has come to an end, but eldest daughter Billy-Jo's behavior is still being monitored and supported by an Acceptable Behavior Contract (ABC), over 43,000 of which have been issued since their introduction in 2003.


British Voices: Anti-Social Behavior

Lucy Cohen
Gareth Heal
Ally Roberts
Production Manager
Lucy Marshall
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews