Minnow Films
CCTV Nation 2008
Minnow Films for Channel 4   4 x 3 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

It is estimated that there are more than 4 million CCTV cameras in the UK, which is about 20% of the World's total. On average you are likely to be captured on camera 300 times a day. However, it isn't just local authorities who are using CCTV cameras. Some members of the public are now taking surveillance into their own hands and setting up CCTV cameras at home.

These four films capture aspects of our CCTV nation from the man who controls the cameras on the streets of Hackney to a couple who have set up CCTV cameras in their own home in an effort to catch the thief stealing their garden ornaments.

CCTV Nation

Produced and Directed by
Charlie Russell
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews