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Four Sons Versus Four Daughters 2010

Minnow Films for Channel 4   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Cutting Edge, Channel 4

We all know how much parents shape a child's life, but how much does the lottery of the sex of our children change who we are? This warm hearted Cutting Edge documentary meets two happy families: the Tibbetts and the Cafearos. Both have a mum, a dad and four children but one has all boys and the other has all girls. Each set of parents thinks they got the better deal, even if it means dad of girls, Jon, is regularly plastered with nail varnish, and mum of boys, Karen, loses her sons to football at the bottom of the garden.

So for one long weekend, we invited the parents to experience life with each other's children and take a glimpse at how their lives could have been. In Four Sons Versus Four Daughters, Karen finds herself surrounded, for the first time, by chatty girls, and Jon is soon re-living his boisterous boyhood with energetic lads. Meanwhile their partners have to accept being the odd parent out.
The experience prompts both couples to question how having all girls or all boys has impacted on their family's identity and how it has changed their own relationship. Four Sons Versus Four Daughters draws on the most magical and charming parts of childhood to explore how the children we have shape who we become.

“A really unusual and interesting idea”
Sunday Telegraph

“Quite moving”

“Unexpectedly lovely”


Four Sons Versus Four Daughters
Filmed, Produced and Directed by
Charlie Russell
Co-Directed and Produced by
Jo Hughes
Executive Producers
Madonna Benjamin
Morgan Matthews
Martin Thompson
George Taylor
Assistant Producers
Anju Passi
Lucy Hinson
Alyssa Mellakh
Lucy Porter
Production Manager
Lucy Marshall
Sound Recordists
Tamara Stubbs
Dan Eastick
Juliana Salgado
Tim Goalen