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Mohamad at Eton 2011

Minnow Films for Al Jazeera  

1 x 30 minutes
Minnow Films for Al Jazeera

In September 2010, 16 year-old Palestinian refugee Mohamad Fahed arrived at London's Heathrow airport and was taken to Britain's most prestigious private school, Eton College. Here - thanks to an all-expenses paid scholarship - he will spend the next two years adapting to boarding school life, in an environment that is largely unfamiliar even to average British students.
This intimate film follows Mohamad through his first year at this extraordinary school – going through the inevitable homesickness; taking advantage of the extra-curricular activities like sport and music; to participating in some of Eton's eccentric annual events, like the Wall Game and the 4th of June, and most important of all, knuckling down to the rigorous educational timetable.

As the Arab spring erupts in the Middle East, Mohamad reflects on what democracy means for these countries - and in a role reversal, helps his housemaster with his Arabic studies.

This is a unique film about how a once in a lifetime scholarship transforms Mohamad, at one of the most privileged schools in the world.

Mohamad at Eton

Filmed and Directed by
Shehani Fernando
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Ash Jenkins
Production Manager
Clare Voyce