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Our Crime – Riot 2012

Minnow Films for BBC Three  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Three

Last Summer’s riots saw the biggest act of mass criminality for a generation. As the events escalated over four days, thousands of hours of self-shot footage was capturing stories of theft, destruction and outrage. Riot tells the story of the people closest to the action, who while witnessing the unfolding chaos across London and the UK, felt compelled to pick up a camera and document the rioters.
Offering a unique perspective on a story which played out across the nation’s television screens, Riots uses candid personal testimony to reveal the human stories behind the infamous images of London’s burning buses, shattered shop fronts and devastated streets.
Our Crime – Riot

Produced & Directed by
John Dower
Series Producer
Jo Abel
Executive Producers
Simon Ford
Morgan Matthews
Nicholas Packer
Associate Producer
Emma Whitehead
Assistant Producer
Katy McClellan
Production Manager
Sam Payne
Francis Longhurst
Patrick Smith
Wayne Roberts


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