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Our Crime – Robbed 2012

Minnow Films for BBC Three  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Three

This film explores the consequences of teenage robbery and its lasting impact on the lives of those affected. Following the trail of MSN messages, YouTube videos and social network posts left behind by perpetrators, Robbed uses online material both to document the unfolding of these crimes and examine the motivations and the fall out.
Looking at the chain of robberies committed by the ‘G-Block’ gang, an armed robbery involving perpetrators as young as thirteen, and a brutal street robbery that ended in a tragic death, Robbed uses retrospective interviews with those involved to go beyond the images and examine the lives of those attempting to come to terms with the aftermath of these crimes.
Our Crime – Robbed

Directed & Edited by
Tom Fulford
Series Producer
Jo Abel
Executive Producers
Simon Ford
Morgan Matthews
Associate producer
Jess Watts 
Production Manager
Sam Payne
Francis Longhurst
Wayne Roberts
Jeremy Cole


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