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Strangeways – Britain’s Toughest Prison Riot 2015

Minnow Films for BBC Two  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

Twenty-five years after the biggest riot in British penal history, this film brings together the ringleaders of the trouble with the prison guards they battled with over three weeks of anarchy that brought Strangeways to its knees.

For the first time, these events are told through unparalleled access to the people at the heart of the riot, including the governor Brendan O ‘Friel who was faced with the task of trying to regain control of his prison.

Former prisoners describe the explosion of violence that erupted on April 1st 1990, when 1600 angry inmates escaped from their cells and ran amok through the prison. Many were seeking revenge and reform for what they saw as years of suffering under an archaic and sometimes brutal regime in the overcrowded Victorian prison.

This excellent documentary took us back 25 years to deliver an extremely cautionary tales about prison conditions today
The Times

Strangeways – Britain’s Toughest Prison Rio
Written and Directed by
David Belton
Sally Brindle
Graeme Dawson
Johannes Bock
Assistant Producer
Bernadette Higgins
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews
Colin Barr
Production Manager
Victoria Wilson
Director of Photography
Brendan Easton
Sound Recordists
Mark Nuttall
David Eden
Archive Producer
Matthew Hawes
Anne Nikitin
Darkside Studios