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The Gypsy Matchmaker 2015

Minnow Films for Channel 4  

1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

As many as 250,000 Roma Gypsies now live in the UK, where marriage under the age of 16 is illegal, but for some fiercely traditional Roma families who have recently arrived here, the custom of arranging unlawful marriages for children is still very much alive.

In this film we follow two families living in Britain who have recently immigrated from Hungary and Romania but have not adjusted their behaviour to fit with the laws of this country.

Travelling from Lancashire to Yorkshire and the West Midlands, this documentary offers an insider view of a community living at odds with the system, according to a traditional Gypsy code known as ‘Pachiv’. It’s a culture where the head of the family must always be obeyed and where childhood ends in the early teens. We also witness the challenge for English authorities as they try to intervene as traditional Roma practices clash with contemporary UK laws.
The Gypsy Matchmaker

Nominated for

RTS Winner Best Documentary  

Journalism award for Current Affairs

Filmed & Directed by
Ben Steele
Harriet Bird
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews
Ruth Kelly
Franco Bogino
Associate Producer
Gyula Vamosi
Junior Production Manager
Sophie Ward
Justin Nicholls