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The Hunt for Dr. Death 2009
Minnow Films for BBC Two   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC Two

In the Autumn of 1941 a young Austrian Doctor called Aribert Heim was assigned to the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. In just 6 weeks he murdered hundreds of inmates by carrying out horrific and needless experiments.

His “procedures” included injecting poison directly into the hearts of his patients, often timing them to see how long it took them to die.

He would amputate limbs without reason, and without anaesthetic, and would even keep mementos of his victims, using skin as a lamp shade, and a skull as a paperweight.

Heim kept a detailed record in his own medical log – substantiated by testimonies from Mauthausen survivors, who knew him simply as Dr Death.

He evaded capture and has never answered for his crimes - but now 60 years on and with Heim well into his 90’s, fresh evidence has emerged suggesting that he might still be alive.

This film exclusively follows Dr Efraim Zuroff in his international manhunt for the worlds Most Wanted Nazi War criminal.

With Heim’s horrific crimes soon to be consigned to history forever this Nazi hunt will be the last of its kind and the clock is ticking for Zuroff to bring his Number 1 target to justice.

“A melancholy… affecting film offering an interesting insight into scars that still refuse to heal”
Phil Harrison, Time Out

“A sad and thought provoking film”
Radio Times

The Hunt for Dr. Death

Series Produced and Directed by
Dov Freedman
Executive Producers
Morgan Matthews
Simon Berthon
Associate Producers
Paula Alvarez Vaccaro
Izzy Charman
Rachel Noar
Dan Glendenning
Production Manager
Lucy Marshall
Production Assistant
Lucy Porter
Richard Ranken
Paul Lang
Kuz Randhawa
Original Music
Richard Mead