Minnow Films

The Kid’s Speech 2011

Minnow Films for BBC One  

1 x 50 minutes
Minnow Films for BBC One

A moving and uplifting film following the stories of three children who live with a stammer. Reggie (11), William (11) and Bethan (14) are determined to improve their speech. Along with their parents they embark on a unique intensive course at the ‘Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children’.

Over two emotional weeks, the kids open up about their fears and frustrations whilst learning techniques to help with their fluency. This is also a significant journey for the parents who learn more about themselves and their children than they could have imagined…

Michael Palin’s father was a severe stammerer and he too speaks movingly about the condition and how it affected his family.

“Actually, this is a lot more moving and insightful about stammering than The King’s Speech, showing just how isolating the condition is’”

“This poignant documentary hopes to ensure stammerers are heard”
Sunday Telegraph

“Moving but uplifting… an emotional, but ultimately fulfilling journey’”
The Times

“Incredibly moving”
Daily Mail

The Kid’s Speech

Filmed, Produced and Directed by
David Brindley
Gregor Lyon
Executive Producer
Morgan Matthews
Associate Producer
Tara Nolan
Production Manager
Elisabeth Pinto
Crew Interviews
Graham Smith
Spencer Franks
Ian Maclagan
Mick Duffield
Original Music
Justin Nicholls