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War Wagons 2011

Minnow Films for Channel 4   1 x 60 minutes
Minnow Films for Channel 4

War Wagons follows the soldiers taking the fight to the enemy on board the British Army's latest armoured vehicle - the Warthog.

This heavy, tracked armoured vehicle can fight in places where other military vehicles cannot. The crews call it 'combat caravanning', spending weeks at a time out on patrol in the deserts and main river valley of Helmand.

We capture the detail of this extraordinary camping trip as the crews try to snatch brief periods of relaxation, surrounded by an enemy that is always watching, ready to attack, but is rarely seen.

The Warthog crews are from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, which used to ride horses into battle. But they do develop affection for their modern-day mounts, naming them and constantly repairing and caring for them in order to stay on the move.

When the fighting kicks off, camera rigs on the Warthogs capture the different angles of an intense battle with the Taliban, who are firing from less than 80 metres away. The bullets ricochet off the vehicles and past the heads of the commanders, who are exposed in their turrets.

As the tour progresses, the crews' vulnerability is exposed when they strike their first IED (improvised explosive device) of the tour. Later, a rapid sequence of events leaves the Warthogs stranded in a river, like sitting ducks surrounded by the enemy.

Admirable documentary on Afghanistan that paradoxically eschews frills while coming up with individuals worthy of fiction… Stands out amid the current plethora of military documentaries
Martin Hoyle

“In the second of this remarkable series, cameras follow the troops as the go ‘combat caravanning’, patrolling the dangerous deserts and valleys of Helmand, southern Afghanistan”
Daily Mail

“Superbly filmed”
Radio Times

War Wagons

Nominated for

RTS Nomination: Documentary Series  

Documentary Series


Filmed, Produced and Directed by
Robin Barnwell
Ruth Nicklin
Film Editor
William Grayburn
Series Producer
Ruth Kelly
Series Director
Jessie Versluys
Executive Producers
Simon Ford
Morgan Matthews
UK Producer
Helen Crampton
Head of Production
Clare Voyce
Senior Co-Ordinator
Elisabeth Pinto
Junior Researcher
Francis Longhurst
DOP Interviews
Brendan Easton
Richard Spiller