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Before setting up Minnow Films, Morgan directed many critically acclaimed films whilst working
at two of the UK's most respected independent companies for documentaries - Blast! Films and Century Films.  
Care House 2003
BBC FOUR   1 x 90 minutes
Century Films for BBC4

Care House follows six months of life at The Cusick’s care home in York. The residents here have learning difficulties and what is known as ‘challenging behaviour’- the kind of behaviour that has got some of them in trouble with the law.

John and Rose Cusick are the husband and wife team who run the care home. This film explores their unique and often controversial approach to care and their special relationship with the residents.

This is an immensely moving film about a group of people who don’t fit into society. Beneath their stories is a profound question about society’s treatment of people with behavioural problems.

“Thanks to you for restoring my faith in the media’s ability to depict a true story about the provision of care in the private sector… I don’t think I have ever watched a programme that moved me more than the BBC’s Care House”
Fran Ursel, Chief Executive Officer of Registered Nursing Home Association

Care House
Filmed and Directed by
Morgan Matthews
Stuart Briggs
Katie Bailiff / Brian Hill
Assistant Producer
Melanie McFadyean
Production Manager
Jane Nicholson